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Recommendation for Worker's Compensation Doctor

When it comes to choosing a doctor you do have a choice. We have been working with Dr. Ellis for a long time. He has treated our members with respect, and he is known nationwide for his expertise dealing with the Department of Labor and navigating their insane maze of paperwork. If anyone can help you get through the mess the Bureau and the Department of Labor create and put you through, his staff can. We highly recommend Dr. Ellis. If you are ever injured on the job, call the Ellis Clinic at (405) 917-5336. His staff with get you through this and square away all of your paperwork. 

Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work, email Brian Coker at FCI El Reno and Shawn O'Brien at FTC OKC for help with any worker's comp issue. Contact them first before you do anything.

Note:  When you are injured at work and request a CA-1 you must also obtain a CA-16 from your supervisor if you plan on seeking medical treatment.  The CA-16 the is "authorization for medical treatment form."   If your supervisor cannot get this form for you, contact the Safety Department as soon as possible.   The CA-16 form is not available on-line and must be obtained from your supervisor or the Safety Department.


Need more information about Workers' Compensation?  Contact the Safety department or one of your local union representatives,  Brian Coker at FCI El Reno or Shawn O'Brien at FTC Oklahoma City.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Workers' Compensation.

We have found that Dr. John W. Ellis, MD is very knowledgeable when it comes to Workers' Compensation.  Although it is your choice as to what physician to see, make sure the physician you choose accepts Workers' Compensation claims.  Visit Dr. Ellis' website at for more information.

Have you found a medical professional you would recommend?  Contact a union representative and let them know you want to list them here.


CA-1    DFEC CA-1, Federal Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation: This form is used by a federal employee to provide notice of traumatic injury and to claim continuation of pay (compensation). The form must be filed with one's employing agency.

CA-2  DFEC CA-2, Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation: This form is used by a federal employee to provide notice of occupational disease and to claim compensation. This form must be filed with one's employing agency.

CA-2a  DFEC CA-2a, Notice of Recurrence: This form is used by a federal employee to provide notice of a recurrence of a traumatic injury or occupational disease, and to claim continuation of pay or compensation. The form must be filed with one's employing agency.

 CA-7   DFEC CA-7, Claim for Compensation: This form is used by a federal employee to to claim compensation for employment-related disability. The form must be filed with one's employing agency.

CA-35  DFEC CA-35, Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease: This form is used by federal employees (and their physicians), supervisors, and compensation specialists to assist them by listing all the backing documentation needed to support an occupational disease claim.

Other Forms - These are the most frequently requested Department of Labor forms. You can complete some forms online, while you can download and print all others.

 You can search by form name or by form number here.

OWCP - Questions and Answers

Subject: OWCP Questions and Answers

Dear Union Leaders    (From a former BOP Safety Manager)

I have received many questions from LP and members about their issues.  I am going to share some of the questions and answers in hope to educate all of us on the injustice we face on the hands of some Wardens and Safety Managers.   When I was a Safety Manager I always put the employee first but things changed as now they $$$$$$ first before us. 

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), 5 USC Chapter 81,  Cover a lot of these issues.

The Safety Mgr must send the TAD proposal to OWCP and they will approve or deny.
1)  Can the new Safety Mgr change the TAD that has been negotiated with the Local and the prior Safety Mgr.? 

A-  The Safety Mgr has to keep what you have ( Past Practice) or new TAD need to be negotiated with the Local.

 2)  Can they hold the TAD meeting committee without the local being invited?

A- NO!  If they do, ask for the meeting to be held again or file on it.  The Union has the right to be there.

3)Can they keep an employee on a 12:00am to 8:00am schedule knowing that they have therapy at 8:00 am (Safety Manager told me that it is on the employee if the appointments fall outside the work hours)

A-  If the employee is on TAD and has Physical Therapy,  The time he goes to Physical Therapy should be paid by OWCP.

Example:   I am working 6:00 AM   to 2:00 PM  and at 11:00 AM I have a physical therapy Appointment.  The first four hours are paid by the Agency,  the rest of the hours paid by OWCP  by filing CA-7 and his schedule must adjusted.  The Safety Manager has no say in this.  

4 )I'm trying to find the time limit in the DOL or BOP policy that indicates where a person uses COP (for example - does the employee have a 60 day window to use their 45 days of COP?)

A-    The day the employee is injured is Admin Leave,  He can only use COP the 45 days that follow the date of the injury.

5) If management gives an employee 2 hour window for their therapy appointments, what gives the authority to take away the 4 hour window that DOL/OWCP gives?  

A-  OWCP should be paying for the employee to go therapy appointments,  it is four hours if the agency is forcing the employee to return after that to work,  You have the option to call OWCP district Director and question why OWCP is letting the agency interfere with injured employee treating plan.   In return write a complaint letter to OWCP director and certify it to him and cc the Warden.   If that does not stop it file a Grievance,  Or have the employee file
EEO for being treated differently then prior injured employees.   

The major mistake is being committed by many locals is by not attending those committee meeting ( Health & Safety
TAD )  a lot of decisions is being made about the members without the local input.  Be there and challenge them if they are not following PS 1600.08.

For more information contact your local union representative or the Safety Department at your Institution.