CPL 33 Awards 2021 https://www.afgelocal171.com/apps/photos/ CPL 33 Awards 2021 Bob Brantley Award - 2021 At the CPL National Convention President of Local 171, Josh Lepird, was honored with receiving the Bob Brantley award. There is only one presented by the CPL President, Shane Fausey, to one Unionist per year. For those that may not know, Bob Brantley was an activist from Local 171. He spent his life in service to the Union, and was instrumental in teaching a generation of Unionists how to represent and Arbitrate. His efforts and the skills he taught are still utilized today to hold the Agency accountable. https://www.afgelocal171.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=206528114 206528114 Most Organized Local in the Region - SCR It is a great honor to be presented this prestigious award, thank you to the membership for your support and thank you Bob for building a legacy we all hope to add to and keep alive. At the National Convention AFGE Local 171 received the most organized Local in the SCR. Thank you to our members. Without their support, the Local would not still number amongst the strongest in the nation. Its a continuing tradition. https://www.afgelocal171.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=206528115 206528115