AFGE Local 171

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Local Agreements at El Reno and Oklahoma City

FCI El Reno                                                                       FTC Oklahoma City 

Master Agreement

El Reno Local Supplement to the Master Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU's)
Millimeter Wave Scanner MOU 2014
Assignment of Overtime--Correctional Services 2014
Mandatory Overtime MOU--Correctional Services 2014
Assignment of Overtime - Unicor 2006
Unicor Overtime Procedures
Security Cameras
Security Cameras MOU
Foot Protection Agreement
Foot Protection Agreement - Electrical Safety Boots
Authorization for Protective Footwear
Reasonable Accommodations
Union Office
Additional Union Office Space
Health Services Department Quarterly Roster Assignments
Call Sheets and Rosters
Library Coverage
Facilities Compressed Work Schedule MOU
Augmentation MOU
Food Service MOU
Compressed Work Schedule Unit Team
Lan Access MOU
Staff Entrance and Search Procedures
SHU Counselor MOU
New UA Procedures MOU

Settlement Agreements
Official Time Agreement - 2005
Mock Training
Facilities Duty Hours
Changes in Working Conditions
Custody Overtime
Working Conditions - 1999

Master Agreement

FTC Local Supplemental Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU's)
Unit Team Annual Leave
CCT Camera MOU
Correctional Systems Overtime MOU
Custody OT MOU
CWS Unit Team Workload
Food Service Overtime
Institutional Annual MOU
Outside Camera MOU
Overtime Procedures for Health Services
R&D Annual Leave MOU
Staff Entrance
Truscope MOU

Settlement Agreements
R&D Settlement Agreement 2019